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We’re building a future powered by clean, safe, reliable energy.

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The Road to Clean Energy

We are the first U.S. energy provider to set aggressive carbon reduction goals for all the ways our customers use energy – electricity, natural gas use in buildings, and transportation. We’re leading the way toward that cleaner energy future with a focus on our customers and communities.

Our Clean Energy Vision

We aim to be a net-zero provider by 2050 including providing 100% carbon-free electricity to our customers.

By 2030

80% lower carbon emissions from our electric service

80% lower cardon emissions

25% lower greenhouse gas emissions from our natural gas service

80% lower cardon emissions

1 in 5 vehicles are EVs in our states

80% lower cardon emissions

By 2050

100% carbon-free electricity

80% lower cardon emissions

net zero gas service

80% lower cardon emissions

zero carbon fuel for all vehicles

80% lower cardon emissions

Leading the Clean Energy Transition

Here’s how we’ll get there


Cleaner Electricity

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By 2030 our plan will:

  • Produce 80% of our electricity from carbon-free sources
  • End the use of coal to generate electricity
  • Add more wind, solar and battery storage
  • Extend the use of reliable, carbon-free nuclear in the Upper Midwest
  • Add more “always available” energy resources
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Cleaner Natural Gas

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We're taking steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the supply, distribution and use of natural gas by:

  • Speeding up repair work, improving our operations and buying only natural gas with certified low methane emissions Expanding conservation and piloting advanced electric appliances for customers
  • Developing low-carbon fuels like hydrogen and renewable natural gas
  • Applying high-quality carbon offsets from local projects that create additional environmental and social benefits to offset only those emissions that are too costly or technically challenging to remove
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Cleaner Transportation

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We’ll reach our zero-carbon transportation goals by:

  • Delivering EV charging solutions that are convenient and affordable for customers, at home and on the go.
  • Providing infrastructure and energy to run all vehicles on carbon-free electricity or other clean fuel by 2050
  • Ensuring all customers benefit from electric transportation, whether they drive an EV, take transit, or use ridesharing
  • Transitioning our vehicle fleet to zero-carbon by 2050
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Delivering for the states we serve

Find out more about how we’re working in all our states to deliver a brighter energy future.

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